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Imperfect II & Happy Poetry Month!

Happy Book Birthday to Imperfect II: poems about perspective: an anthology for middle schoolers! I'm so excited to share that two of my poems were included! I feel honored to have my words printed among those of many of the amazing poets that I admire.

A huge thank you to Tabatha Yeatts for making this book happen... I can't even imagine all the hats she wore throughout the process!

Please check out the blog for Imperfect II when you get a chance to see more info about the poets included and tips and information regarding perspective.

Also check out Jone Rush MacCulloch's blog for a fun artsy giveaway AND a sneak peek at one of MY poems! ("The Art Teacher Said"... clearly pulled from life experiences!)

I know when I was a kid learning about poetry, concrete poems were some of the most fun and engaging. I don't think it's just because I'm also an artist and sometimes think visually, but... maybe? Does everyone like to put words into shapes? Maybe not, the more I'm thinking about it. Anyway...

Middle schoolers -- like ALL of us -- need to gain perspective from time to time... to realize that there is not a singular way to look at the world, or a particular situation.

There are so many ways to gain perspective. Talking, listening, thinking, praying, creating... actually imagining the situation from someone else's point of view... writing, drawing, reading... you get it, the list goes on. Poetry is one of the ways clearly found in this anthology.

What are some ways that you've found to gain perspective? And... did you also like concrete poetry? Now I gotta know, so please share in the comments!

Finally, here and here are some places you can get your own copy, or one for a middle schooler you love... and HAPPY POETRY MONTH!

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I love your poem "The Art Teacher Said," Alana. I enjoy reading concrete poems but have written very few myself. I look forward to seeing your other poem and everyone else's in the collection.

Alana DeVito
Alana DeVito
Apr 03, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Carmela! I am also looking forward to reading the rest of the poems.

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