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Client & Personal Work

Check out my original paintings. Some are available for sale. If interested, send me a message!

I also take on commisions, so please reach out if you'd like something specially created just for you! The images below are from my Statement Series, Pathways Series, and Acadia Landscapes. Enjoy!

Pathways Series

We all take our own path... and so often, the path we take is not the one we thought we would be on. This series explores the multitude of directions we go in life: the twists, the turns, and, ultimately, the hope that we can find joy on the journey ... no matter how unexpected it is. This series was created mostly with oil sticks.

Statement Series

I've always had a close relationship with the written word. For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed reading and looking, writing and painting, thinking and creating.

These paintings, acrylic on canvas, show the intersection of those interests.

Most of these works were born from a place of gratitude and with a hope that I can be present throughout the passage of time. For me, they serve as a reminder to live each day in the "now" and to appreciate what I've got. Life is constantly changing, and, hopefully, we can focus on the good parts of every stage.

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