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SEL Day 2021

Happy (belated) #SELday! Social Emotional Learning is so important, especially during these crazy, turbulent, every-day-is-something-new kind of times.

As an elementary school, we read the book In My Heart: A Book of Feelings, by Jo Witek and illustrated by Christine Roussey, and published by Abrams Appleseed.

At our school, we have an SEL goal and theme of Self-Care. WIth this in mind, children and adults in our building completed the sentence, When I feel ________, I can ________.

The responses were amazing, real, and uplifting. We turned these sentence strips of paper into a heart-paper-chain and strung it up along a hallway, encircling simplified shapes reminiscent of Roussey's illustrations from the book.

It's a beautiful reminder of how we all can feel so many different ways -- and that's okay! It's remembering what we can DO with those feelings that's really powerful, and an important way to take care of oneself.

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