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Signs & Exits

I always strive to be positive, but sometimes I can't help but feel overwhelmed. (9 more days of teaching this year, but who's counting?) Is there anyone out there that never feels this way?

On my Tuesday morning commute a digital highway sign blazed red, flashing:

You are overweight. Exit ahead.

Not meant for me, of course.

But, at that same moment, radio voices sang:

See the signs and know their meaning

It’s true

You’ll know how it was meant to be

Hear the signs and know they’re speaking to you

To you

To me?

Could it be

I’m overloaded

taking on too much

too much weight

too much freight

can barely see behind me through the towers of schedules and to-do’s

all crammed in and fighting for space --

nor can I see much of the road ahead: just tail lights and blurred glimpses of sweet beautiful sky--

I’ve never seen a sign like this. I drive this route each morning.

Have I just crossed a threshold?

Piled on one too many...

Requests Suggestions Calendars Classes

Videos Books Children Carpools

Favors Questions Appointments Accounts

Conversations Projects Words

Goals Calls Emails Chores Lists Ideas

Thoughts Images Reminders People Interests Carpools Stops Passwords Meals Plans

Dreams Events

-???- -???-

I am that truck. Cargo overloaded.

Where do I exit?

But what would it be like to rattle down the highway with an empty haul?

Freeing... my eighteen wheels rotating more quickly than ever before,

but frightening.

I’d feel it: the loss of my cargo, the negative weight of my former freight

And then what would I be for?

I'm not built for speed, nor attractiveness, nor thrill --

I’m meant for strength, distance, dependability… cargo.

So what if I'm overloaded now.

One day I will miss it

...won’t I?

I think one day I’ll trade this truck in for a bicycle -- only ride the paths I choose to, carrying next to nothing, feeling the wind and sun on my face… legs tired but content.

All in good time, I suppose. For now, I'll carry my weight and remind myself to enjoy the journey.

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