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Spring Fling Kidlit Contest... my first!

I am so excited to enter my very first writing competition... no more than 150 words on the topic of spring, along with a gif to inspire. Spring Fling is organized by Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez, and you can learn more about it here and/or here.

I love the confines of having to stay within a limited word count. I couldn't find a gif that fit and felt right, so I created my own gif for this (for the first time) which was super fun.

I hope you enjoy!

[drawing by me and gif created by me with]


by Alana DeVito

wc: 148

Branches shimmy in a breeze

that's stronger than my daddy’s sneeze.

Sky as blue as Superman;

the sun is out, but what’s the plan?

“Go outside and play!”

Bouncing on my trampoline:

fly up -- down, up -- float in-between --

Flinging up -- down up -- again

all by myself, my own best friend.

While I’m springing towards the blue,

my brother asks to try it too.

Jake was always way too scared.

But now he’s bigger. I’m prepared!

Help him up, I show him how…

We’re laughing, soaring, shrieking, “Wow!”

Later on, I’ll paint this day,

and Jake will love the bold display:

Zig-zag lines will sprout up-down,

while curvy shapes will float around.

Cobalt sky and daisy sun...

I’ll recreate our bouncing fun.

Best of all, I’ll add the heart

that’s joined us from the very start.

New best friends have bloomed; it’s clear.

Our laughter spreads -- Spring is here!

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